For the new ham, or even the not so new, the whole world of logging QSOs other than using a paper and pen can be quite a daunting one. Logging your QSOs using logging software, whether it be via an online database or a program installed on your local computer is a good practice, particularly if you are an award chaser or a fan of QSL/eQSL cards.

Getting started sooner rather than later will save you the hassle of transferring paper logs over at some future date, which can be a major headache. It’s both time consuming and of course highly error prone!

Well if you want some good tips on how to do this properly in an easy to follow fashion, then a visit to Steve G1YBB’s website is a must! Steve has an excellent page on his site which shows you step by step with screencaptures how he has set up the freely available Log4OM program.

Steve has also provided links to other pages on his site which detail how to do various setups on sites including,, LoTW and HamQTH.

You can check this out here –