Pete Turner G6UOI
Every year I stop to remember an early morning contact in July 2013 that changed the hobby for me.
That day I heard a distinctive voice cutting through the noise and calling for stations. “GV6UOI”, a special call being used in commemoration of 100 years of the Radio Society of Great Britain.

Interesting, I thought. After waiting my turn, I gave out my call and to my delight the same cheerful voice repeats it.

“KILO-NINER-ALPHA-TANGO-GOLF, very good Joe. The name here is Pete. I am pedestrian mobile on the beach north of Liverpool.”

Wow, now this got REALLY interesting!

I quickly accessed QRZ and found a photo of Pete, just as he described…on a beach walking with a radio backpack. Back to the QSO, I finished up by saying how fascinating his setup was, exchanged reports and moved on.

Pete Turner G6UOI Pedestrian Mobile

Pete Turner G6UOI Pedestrian Mobile

But my intrigue didn’t stop there. I contacted Pete via email and in the next couple days we talked about portable operations. He encouraged me to take the radio outside and enjoy the freedom it gives. I had always been interested in field events. But Pete was the first operator that I had met that enthusiastically lived it.

That contact put a spark in me. In my third attempt at giving this hobby a go, portable operations was the motivation to attempt a last try at amateur radio.

Later that month I received a QSL card, but the emails stopped. Sadly, G6UOI had suddenly gone silent key.

Pete Turner QSL card
Pete Turner QSL card

It is my hope that Field Radio reflects Pete’s spirit and the spirit of all hams that enjoy the hobby and helps others to do the same.

Pete Turner G6UOI portable setup

Pete, I never got the chance to thank you.

  • For your cheerful radio manner
  • For your helpful support
  • For your enthusiastic encouragement

I hope I can help others as much as you helped me.
Thank you, my friend