Well after much planning and organizing with Joe K9ATG, we finally got this website up and running this week. Yes, it’s looking a bit bare at the moment, but that will change.

If you’ve stumbled across this post from a Google search and you are not familiar with who or what ‘Field Radio’ is, here is a brief background. Field Radio commenced in early 2015 as a Facebook group and can be accessed here on Facebook. The group has grown rapidly into an engaging community of ham radio enthusiasts who are fans of portable operation. If you are into operating portable in any way then you will find this group of interest.

Our members are into many avenues of portable operation and we’ve seen many examples  including the following :-

  • SOTA (summit of the air) operating
  • Camping out in your tent or camper trailer
  • Loading your rig and antenna on to your bicycle and riding to a location
  • Backpacking to locations

So please feel free to join our group if any of this side of the amateur radio hobby is of interest to you. We’ve got plenty in the pipeline including:-

  • Interesting articles written by skilled field operators
  • A photo gallery for YOUR photos and comments
  • Group news, including suggested HF frequencies, future events, etc.
  • A showcase of videos created by our group members
  • Useful files to download

73s de Jonathan VK6JON