Derick Hudgins KC9ZWJCallsign: KC9ZWJ (USA)

QTH: Springfield Illinois

When were you first licensed? 11/12/13

How did you become interested in radio? Several friends that are licensed got me into it. Such a fun hobby.

Favorite radio activities and locations: Nothing better than long distance contacts. I like to get my 10 meter gear out and set up around Lake Springfield. I also go to Bolivia, Illinois to a decommissioned bridge over the Sangamon river. I just received a new dual band radio for 2 meters and 70 centimeters.

Derick Hudgins KC9ZWJ 10m portable

Derick Hudgins KC9ZWJ portable set up on 10 meters

Future hobby plans or goals: Right now I’m working on gathering the parts needed to build a 5 element yagi for 10 meters. It’ll be up at 50 feet on my tower. The overall length of the antenna is 20 feet. Just a few parts to go and I’ll share it on the Facebook field radio page. I also hope to get an amplifier to reach out a little further. I would also like to move from technician to extra in licensing.

Describe some of your favorite field radio experiences: I’ve mostly set up at lakes and rivers around Sangamon county, Illinois. I’ve attended some great winter field days. Usually radio, open fire cooking, a few beverages, and a few good friends is my type of field radio.

Transceivers and antennas:

  • 2 meters – Yaesu FT2900 – 75 watts.
  • 10 meters – is an old Radio Shack HTX10- 25 watts.
  • Antennas – 4 element yagi for 2 meters and a steel whip antenna for 10 meter. Also using a manual tuner.

Modes: SSB

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