Fred Carslick KA4RUR

Callsign: KA4RUR (USA)

QTH: Saint Louis, MO.

When were you first licensed? In 1978.

How did you become interested in radio? My sister and brother were radio operators in the U S Navy. I joined the U S Coast Guard and became a radio operator for the next 20 plus years.

Favorite radio activities and locations: I love running low power from any place that I can get an antenna up.

Future hobby plans or goals: To purchase a FT-817 and NUE-PSK terminal.

Member of any radio organizations or clubs: SKCC/NAQCC/FISTS/AMSAT/SATERN/OMISS/ARRL.

Describe some of your favorite field radio experiences: When I was stationed in Hawaii, climbing Diamond Head and transmitting from the top of the mountain.

Transceivers and antennas: Icom IC-703plus Comet CH-250BZ vertical(home) Yaesu FT-890 Alpha Antenna Portable vertical Yaesu FT-897 Miracle Whip (It actually works).

Modes: Strictly CW