What Are IFR Events?

The Field Radio group commenced holding IFR events in 2016 with two international events held in May and November. The aim of the events is to encourage portable amateur radio activity between our group members and other hams. These events are not intended as a contest but to encourage participation and interaction amongst operators.

You can read more about our IFR events on the IFR guidelines page of this website.

The Field Radio group also has a list of frequencies used by members here which will be used during these events.

An IFR Number is Required

To participate in these events, you will need a unique IFR number. An IFR number can be obtained from here. Not sure if you already have an IFR number? No problem, just view the complete listing here and see if you are on the list.

We now have a mailing list where we will send notifications of coming events. You can subscribe via the right sidebar of this website.

2017 IFR Events Calendar

After conducting a poll of our Facebook group members, it was decided to run four events during 2017 and the dates and events are as follows. All events of course are open to everyone, no matter where you are located.


May 20-21

July 8-9

September 2-3

November 11-12


International Field Radio event.

Europe/UK Field Radio event.

North and South America Field Radio event.

Asia/Pacific Field Radio event.

Please note that all times are from Saturday at 00:01 UTC until Sunday at 23:59 UTC.

How to Register

Watch this space! Registrations will open shortly for the July, 2017 event. Registration is via a brief online form and is fully automated. Any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.