The next International Field Radio event will be held on July 8-9, 2017! :-) Please visit here for more information about the event and an event calendar for 2017.

With your help, we would like to make this a frequent opportunity for our group members to meet on the air!

The information that follows is to assist you. Use it as a template to participate in the event and to help ensure that other group members recognize fellow members on air. But please feel free to add add  any personal techniques that you normally use.

This is NOT a contest! We would like for you to keep track of your contacts and submit them to us. This is to give us a way to judge participation in the event.

  • Rule #1 Be courteous to others on the air.
  • Rule #2 HAVE FUN!!!

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Operation Period

Date: May 20-21, 2017
Time: 48 hour period (00:00 UTC – 23:59 UTC)
Goal: Work as many Field Radio members as you can, preferably while operating portable. Keep track of how many Field Radio members you contact and tell everyone else about this FIELD RADIO website and Facebook group!

Group Calling Frequencies

A complete listing of calling frequencies for each band can be found on this page of our website.

These are suggested frequencies to call on. Start around these and listen in or QSY to another frequency. Otherwise use any bands that you have privileges on.


Any modes that you are licensed to operate on!

Calling Suggestions

Phone (voice): CQ CQ Calling CQ This is K9XX for the International Field Radio Event
Digital: CQ CQ CQ IFRE de K9XX K9XX K9XX


Keep track of the event however you choose. We would like to know:-

  • The total number of contacts you made.
  • How many of the contacts made were Field Radio members (had an IFR number).

We will add a form to this website after the event where you can enter these numbers.

A sample, printable log is provided for your convenience. This is for your use and is not required to be used or to be sent to us. It can be downloaded from here.

Exchange Suggestions


“Thank you, you are a 59 here in central Illinois from India Fox Romeo 3.”
(IFR3 of Central Illinois gives a 59 report)

“Roger the IFR3 and thank you for the 59. You are a 48 into Wales from India Fox Romeo 4.”
(IFR4 of Wales responds to IFR3 gives a 48 report)


de k9xx ur rst is 559 fred MO ifr nr IFR3 k

Group Description

International Field Radio events are an excellent way to promote us and tell other hams about us. Here is an example of what to say if you are asked about our group during the event.

“Field Radio is an international group of amateur radio licensees who practice and enjoy portable operations.
More information may be found on the Field Radio Facebook group and on our website, .”

Before the Event

To participate in this Field Radio event or future ones, you will need an IFR number and you will need to register for the event. These can both be done via this website. You will see the links under the Field Radio Events (IFR) menu.

You can share and amend your intended locations and times of operations via this page of the website.

During the Event

During the event, a simple to use form will be accessible on this website under the Field Radio Events (IFR) menu where you can post your location, frequency, modes, etc. This will provide IFR participants with live updates to increase the chances of working one another.

After the Event

After the event is over, a simple to complete form will be accessible on this website under the Field Radio Events (IFR) menu. Please complete this form If you wish to share the number of contacts made. If you wish to send a more detailed report, please do!

Please feel free to email reports or photographs from the event to webmaster AT fieldradio. org (email address displayed this way to prevent spam harvesters from finding it :-) ). However, please do not send large files.

We would also of course like to see your videos but will only be able to showcase them if they are stored on a video hosting site such as You Tube.