With the Field Radio Facebook group about to reach the 3,000 member milestone, the recent second IFR (International Field Radio) event and the year end approaching, we thought it would be a good time to get some input from Field Radio group members to help with the planning of future events.

Our observations of our first two events have included the following:-

  • Poor propagation has made it difficult for many to make contacts with other group members during events.
  • Many members are operating at QRP power levels and often with minimal set ups making it challenging to work any DX.
  • Weather conditions have made it challenging for many to get out portable during events and this is a difficulty that a world wide group with members in both the southern and northern hemispheres will always face.
  • Vastly differing time zones make it challenging, for example the West coast of the USA is currently 19 hours behind the East coast of Australia.
  • The bands are often busy on weekends with contests making it difficult for group members to access the group calling frequencies.

With these points in mind, we have been wondering whether it would be a good idea to continue to run the two international events per year but also supplement them with more frequent events. These other events could be targeted at making it easier for members to work each other. Some possibilities could include:-

  • All North America events, for members located in the USA and Canada only.
  • North and South America events, for members located in the USA, Canada and South America only.
  • UK/Europe events, for members located in the UK and Europe only.
  • Asia/Pacific events, for members located in countries such as Australia, New Zealand, the Phillipines and Japan (not sure if we have any members from Japan).
  • CW (morse code) only events.
  • Events that are held during the week avoiding the contest traffic that often occurs on the weekends. Obvously, members who are working are unlikely to be able to participate in such events.

These are just a few ideas that came to mind and we are of course open to other possibilities.

With this in mind, we seek your input via the following form and we have also added a poll on the Facebook page. You can either submit this form anonymously or include your name and callsign, it is entirely up to you. We will also aim to publish your submissions on this website.

The Comments field is the only required field on this form so you can submit it anonymously if preferred. Please also feel free to email us via the website contact page if preferred.

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