Jenny Oestlund - SM5MEK

Callsign: SM5MEK (Sweden)

QTH: Uppsala Uppland, Sweden, JO89TT

When were you first licensed? I was first licensed in 1981.

How did you become interested in radio? I listened to other hams and was listening a lot of BC radio as a little human puppy.

Member of any organizations or clubs? Member of the Swedish association SSA, local club SK5DB

Jenny Oestlund SM5MEK CW only transceiver

Jenny’s CW only transceiver

Uppsala RAdioklubb as chairman, NAQCC # 6959, SKCC # 12479, Polar Bears QRP ops # 217, GQRP club # 13586, Radio Club 72 # 57, QRP-Arci # 12722, SCAG # 1101, EPC # 4780 SW12, 30MDG # 1536. I almost forgot the Field Radio group :-) .

Describe some of your favorite field radio experiences: Sitting in a park in the coastal town Oregrund and having contact with a Texas station with 3W on my TX and a simple vertical antenna, This gave me a good feeling. It’s also nice sitting on a nature reserve and getting station after station in the log, also using a vertical and 5W.

Jenny SM5MEK QRP set up with Yaesu FT817 transceiver

Jenny’s QRP set up with Yaesu FT817 transceiver

Modes: I was an SSB only operator, but something happened and I began with CW. Over time this became more and more CW and since 2014, I have only operated using CW and QRP. I still work mostly QRP and CW but sometimes a SSB QSO happens.

Favorite Radio Activities and Locations: Today I favour field operations with my QRP equipment from forest nearby or at Oeregrund at shore of Åland sea. I have also been active in WWFF and also as a SOTA operator.

Any Future Hobby Plans or Goals? No plans, i will soon be a pensioner and will then take the days as they come.

Transceivers and Antennas:
Portable: FT817ND, IC703+, Blue Cool Radio (BCR) some Pixies and other experimental things. Antennas is homebuilt Buddipole and Buddistick like and one MP-1 copy. Some wire antennas are linked dipole, end fee Windom, normal Windom, some end feed antennas.
At home: IC7200, IC706MkIIg, Antennas Tennadyne T6 beam, G5RV and vertical BHA250dx.
At club: Kenwood TS2000. FB34 beam, windom, 30m deltaloop, 80m dipole, longwire 135m.

Other Information:

Jenny SM5MEK operating during field day at forest cabin Fläktankojan, Spring 2015

Jenny SM5MEK operating during field day at forest cabin Fläktankojan, Spring 2015

I live on a 4th floor apartment and have a shopping centre next door. After renovation of the vent system much of the QRM disappeared so not much noise from the centre nowadays. I can operate most of the bands from home now except 80m due to the signal noise being about S7 to S9 Happily my antennas were mounted back in 1984 with permission from the company, which would be impossible today!

Jenny has her own website and blog containing lots of interesting information concerning her latest exploits, so please check them out here –

Website: (Swedish language)
Blog: (English language)


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