Callsign: Johan Engdahl SM7I (Sweden)

QTH: Malmö Sweden – JO65mo.

When were you first licensed? I was licensed in 2007 a month before my son was born.

How did you become interested in radio? I´ve been interested in radio and communications since the age of 15. At that time I used CB radios.

Favorite radio activities and locations: I love contesting on both HF and VHF. Casual ragchewing and chasing satellites are also my favourite activities. When I have the time I like going outdoors running mobile. Other times I run from my home QTH. My profession is a developer and engineer so I do a lot of my own adaptations and customized applications for my and my friend’s needs.

Future hobby plans or goals: I´m thinking of going into EME activities. Since I´m also a scoutleader me and my collegues are trying to take advantage of scouting, radio and technology and packaging it to drive the technical interest of the young scouts. We are doing this by our concept #DotScout and JOTA / JOTI activities.

Member of any radio organizations or clubs: I´m a member of SCAG, SSA, ESR, AMSAT-M, SK7DX, SK2HG and station manager of SK7ES ScoutStation.

Describe some of your favorite field radio experiences: My absolute favorite activities are running a station on scoutcamps. I´m at peak performance when involved in outdoor scouting activities. Another of my favorites are the annual SK2HG Field Days at EU-139 Seskarö Island.

Transceivers and antennas:

  • Main station FT-2000.
  • Portable stations are FT-817 and Sierra Wilderness KC2.
  • Antennas ranging from beams, yagis, dipoles and verticals.

Modes: I´m running almost equal mount of SSB and CW contacts, but also PSK31 and FM (when running SAT).

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