The Field Radio Facebook group has over 1,300 members and is growing quickly. One of the requirements of our Facebook group is that our members are licenced ham operators and we are finding this increasingly challenging as interest in our group has increased.

When new member requests are received, our Admins take the time to view every Facebook profile before deciding whether or not to accept the new member into the group. Generally, the only criteria we are looking for is evidence of a callsign and unfortunately we are usually unable to find this in the profile.

To simplify this process so we can approve you faster, we have added this page to our website and request that when requesting membership of the group you advise us of your callsign via this page unless it is displayed in your Facebook profile.  All we ask you to provide is your Facebook name and callsign  so we can match it up with your request and approve you without any delays.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns or queries on this process.

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