Callsign: M3FEH (UK) – Special event callsign MK3FEH this year.

QTH: Saltash Cornwall SW UK SX-47.

When were you first licensed? First licenced in Suffolk in 2004. Had a quiet spell from 2005 till 2014 when moved to this Cornish location.

How did you become interested in radio? At a young age listening to AM (MW) radio and night stations that were received from Europe after dark . Followed by CB radio, firstly using AM followed by FM. Also many years on the SW broadcast bands and finally 11 metres SSB.

Favorite radio activities and locations: I enjoy chasing SOTA (Summits on the Air), WAB (Worked All Britain), LOTA (Lighthouse on the Air) and  IOTA (Islands on the Air) activations. I also enjoy activating G/DC-003 which is a local summit and a great place to operate portable. I enjoy building my own antennas.

Future hobby plans or goals: I am going to be more active in 2016 as K4 Kernow station portable from various SOTAs and WAB squares. Also aiming to get out to St Mary’s island EU-011 portable also. I am also wanting to get a Yaesu FT450D.

Member of any radio organizations or clubs: SOTA and of course Field Radio :-) .

Describe some of your favorite field radio experiences: Going to Kitt Hill to test my new 1/4w 40m vertical antenna on the G/DC-003 summit running just 10w and calling CQ as a SOTA station and getting straight to Paul VK5PAS on 20m! I was so surprised that I nearly fell out of my chair, which can be dangerous on a summit! :-)

Transceivers and antennas:
Kenwood Trio 120V 10w standard microphone.
1/4 wave vertical for 40m on a 8m squid pole.
1/2 wave inverted L 40m on a 8m squid pole.
Both fed via 9:1 UNUN with four way counterpoise at total length 1/4 wave to 40m.
6m Moxon beam also on the squid pole.
8400 PPSU lifepo4 battery unit

Modes: SSB