Larry W1AST home shack set up

Larry W1AST home shack set up

Callsign: W1AST (USA).

QTH: Longmeadow, MA (Western Mass) and wherever my camper takes me for portable or where ever I camp with my cub or boy scouts for tent portable. Or Field Radio escape with my vehicle and operate off the tailgate somewhere. Fun!

When were you first licensed ? 1977 in 8th grade as WB1DBY and kept that call until Dec 2013 when I became W1AST. A much easier to understand phone call and much faster and better flowing cw call (I should have done it years ago!).

How did you become interested in radio? My best friend asked me if I wanted to talk to the world. I said sure and every Monday night, his dad brought us to a local ham club (The Provin Mountain Radio Assoc – now defunct) and we got our Novices. Unfortunately he is STILL a novice and hasn’t been active in years. I’m an advanced and am pretty active and always have been..

Favorite Radio Activities and Locations ? Chasing DX at my base station, working anyone while mobile on HF and working QRP cw while camping or portable. The best of all worlds!.

Future Hobby Plans or Goals ? I just added HF amp this summer and a new qrp rig. But would LOVE a Begali Stradavarious for my desktop and am hoping on a Begali Traveler for my upcoming birthday! Otherwise I’ll pick one up in Dayton in May 2016!

Member of any radio organizations or clubs ? Local Club the HCRA (Hampden County Radio Assoc), numerous FB groups for Kenwood TS-590, Elecraft KX3, ham radio in general and Field Radio.

Transceivers and Antennas:

Larry W1AST portable set up

KX3 set up at a picnic table in Southern VT at the end of September in 2015. 1st time using the KX3. Antenna was a Par End Fedz 10/20/40 which worked great!

Main and Favorite rig: Kenwood TS-590s, Elecraft KPA-500 amp with
KAT-500 tuner, K8RA paddles, Heil PR781 mic all into either a Mosley TA-33 I’ve had since high school (1979) or a modified G5RV. For 2m a Kenwood TM-281 2m FM and 14 ele beam. Plus a Elecraft KX3 with borrowed Begali Traveler paddle (I have the mic, but never used it yet), LNR End Fedz 10/20/40 portable antenna or G5RV jr or Super Antenna MP-1 (yes, all 3 come portable with me). Plus Yaesu FT-100D and Atas-100 in my car. Plus a few Yaesu HT’s for 2m, 440 & 6m. A Lenovo Laptop with a 24 inch Samsung 2nd monitor for extended desktop and running N1MM for contests and them exporting that to DX Lab Suite for my general log (it’s an amazing program).

Modes: SSB and CW only. Mainly SSB from home plus some cw home too, CW while portable or camping.

Other Information: I’ve been a ham since 1977, Advance class since Aug of 1981. Every contact is just like my first. I get very excited at working everyone. The thrill of making the contact never went away. While I don’t chase paper, I do enjoy chasing DX and logging it in DX-Lab Suite to track it all.

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