As a member of the Field Radio group we would like to know more about you and your passion for all things amateur radio. To be included, simply fill in the form below and we will:

  • Add you to the Member Spotlight section of our website – please see this section via the site’s menu for examples of some of our members who are already featured there.
  • Feature you on the Field Radio Facebook group for one week.

To participate, you will need to be a member of our Facebook group, so if you found this page and are not yet a member, please feel free to come on over and join us!

To submit this form, you will need to supply at the very minimum, your name and callsign, Facebook name and email address. The other fields are all optional so please fill in whatever relates to you. Of course, we will need more than your name, callsign and Facebook name to add you to our member spotlight! :-)

Please ensure you send a photograph of yourself to the webmaster. I am receiving Member Spotlights with no photographs and I never receive replies to emails sent asking for them. I will not publish your spotlight without at least a photograph of you.

Please ensure you send a photograph of yourself to the webmaster. If you have any additional photographs to include or links to You Tube videos/channels or your website etc., please provide this information in the final “Other Information” field and send any photographs or additional information to the webmaster – the email address appears on the Contact Us page.

Thanks in advance for participating and for being a part of this wonderful group. :-)

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