Videos are a fantastic medium for ham radio operators to share knowledge and experience or just to share with the world that amazing QSO! If you are a member of the Field Radio Facebook group and have a video channel then let us know about it and we will post a video of your choosing on this page, along with a link to your channel.

Just advise us of the URL/address of your video and give us a paragraph long description and notify us here >>>.

Peter VK3YE

You Tube channel –

Is mixing with kilowatts on 14 MHz SSB during the ARRL International DX Contest a futile exercise when running 5 watts to simple wire antennas? Or have we stumbled across one of the great low-cost antennas for over water portable QRP DXing?

Find out when we put a $20 wire delta loop through its paces at a beach near Melbourne, Australia. We’ll tackle what others say is impossible and discuss the merits of horizontal versus vertical polarisation. Feeding and impedance matching is also covered.

Watch this video if at all interested in portable QRP operating, DXing or simple wire antennas and be sure to listen to the amusing ending. :-)

Carl 2E0HPI

You Tube channel –

Carl is sharing this video of a QSO that he had with Jonathan VK6JON in December, 2015 portable to portable on 20 metres at 13:15 UTC.

At the time, Carl was operating from the Durham Coast in England (on the East coast) using his super antenna MP1B with just 5 watts, whilst Jonathan was using his Buddipole antenna set up as a vertical dipole by the harbour in Bunbury, Western Australia with 80 watts. Well done guys! :-)