This page is a temporary one to supplement the merchandising poll that has been added to our Facebook Group.

As those of you who have been members of our group for some time will be aware, since the Field Radio Group’s formation, we have had a strict non-commercial policy other than the selling of labels which were designed by one of our admins.

Over the months, there has been some discussion, suggestion and questions from members about the introduction of additional merchandise, including t-shirts and signs. Whilst we are extremely honored and proud at your interest in promoting our group, we also have to consider what is best for the group and its members.

During the past few weeks, the group admins have been discussing this intensely and we have decided to seek your input to keep this democratic. To do so, we have added a basic poll to the Facebook group so you can share your views and wishes when it comes to the subject of Field Radio merchandising.

We have also added a form below where you can submit your views confidentially if that is your preference (what you submit will only be viewable by the admins and not the public).

When sharing your opinions, please keep in mind that the group admins are all volunteers and need to consider the logistics and viability of selling merchandise where funds may need to be outlayed upfront to suppliers to satisfy minimum order requirements etc. This may require members needing to wait after ordering and paying for an item until sufficient orders are placed to make a bulk purchase. Once the order is placed and the goods produced/manufactured, they would be distributed.

Any information submitted will not be accessible to visitors of this website and this page will be removed after approximately one week.

Thanks in advance for participating and for being a part of this wonderful group. :-)

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