Robert Daney, WD8LIC

Callsign: WD8LIC (USA).

QTH: Coldwater, Branch County, Michigan.

When were you first licensed ? Since 1977.

How did you become interested in radio? Parents were both amateur radio operators. Also, I was in a Batallion Communications Section in the Army.

Favorite Radio Activities and Locations ? I enjoy CW on the HF bands, mostly 20, 40 and 80 meters. Occasionally I get on SSB phone on those same bands

Future Hobby Plans or Goals ? I have a grandfathered Advance Class license. From time to time, I think about upgrading to Extra Class just to be able to achieve the top class.

Unfortunately, other than 80 meters, there isn’t much operating space to be gained.

Member of any radio organizations or clubs ? ARRL member. Was a member of the Garland Amateur Radio Club in Garland, TX when I lived there. FISTS member.

Describe some of your favorite field radio experiences: In the Army, did a lot of field expedient operating with less than ideal conditions. Did some field day exercises with the Garland Amateur Radio Club. Once in a while I set up a 40 meter portable QRP rig on a picnic table with a field antenna just for readiness training. Did a lot of that when I was an active camper. I currently volunteer as a Boy Scout Merit Badge Counselor for Radio.

Transceivers and Antennas:

  • Icom 718 HF transceiver and a MFJ 7040 5-watt 40 meter CW QRP transceiver.
  • 36 ft. Vertically polarized End Fed Hertz HF antenna. No counter poise or radials needed!
  • Great Lakes portable antenna with sliding loading coil and 12 foot sectional brass radiating rod with 3 field radials Ken wood TH6F Tri band VHF handheld with ducky and mobile mag antenna and J pole.

Modes: Mostly CW on HF. Occasional SSB phone on HF. FM phone on the handheld.

Other Information: Used to have amplifier, but went barefoot about 5 years ago. More enjoyable.