Steve Grimes KJ4KKICallsign: Steve Grimes, KJ4KKI

QTH: Bowling Green, Kentucky EM66sx

When were you first licensed? March 2009

How did you become interested in radio? I have been interested in ham radio for a long time. It is a blend of skill, science and art. I’ve always been a bit of a techie. I’m a big talker, so the thought of talking to people in distant lands appealed to me.

Favorite radio activities and locations: Right now, I do most of my HF activity from my home on SSB. We do have a family farm in a rural county that is about an hour away. I like to do portable there. I hope to be able to hike with radio and getting some SOTA activations would be cool! I’d like to get on the air in various national parks. I am getting into digital modes–mostly PSK and SSTV. I used to do some sat work with FM birds, although I haven’t lately. I plan to build a pair of eggbeaters and hopefully get back into FM as well as linear sats. By having portable gear, my hope is to take it with me on family vacations, provided the XYL and kids don’t pitch too much of a fit! :(

Future hobby plans or goals: I would like to expand my digital work, and have JT65-HF, JT-9, and RTTY programs that I would like to get involved in. I sometimes use software by Wolphi Solutions with an interface to use my radios with my Nexus tablet and a Bluetooth keyboard. I have supplies to make a pair of VHF/UHF eggbeaters to work sats; especially linear transponders. One of these days, I plan to learn CW. Who knows what the future will hold? I’ve just started making kits projects and it would be nice to expand on that.

Member of any radio organizations or clubs: ARRL, Flying Pigs, SCARS Net, 3905CCN, 3905 Straight Key, and others that I can’t think of at the moment. :)

Describe some of your favorite field radio experiences: I was really thrilled to get contacts in Australia and New Zealand, as well as Cuba and Russia.

Transceivers and antennas: FT-450, FT-857 for HF, an FT-60 for local repeaters and sat work, and an old VHF mobile that is not in use at the moment. I have an 80m OCF and Par OA-50 at home. Portable antennas include various (LNR Precision) Par EndFedz, and a Buddipole. Mobile antennas are various MFJ Hamtennas.

Modes: SSB, digital.

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