Name: Steve

Callsign: WG0AT

QTH: Colorado Rockies (near Colorado Springs).

When were you first licensed ? 1958 – Novice as WV6HXL in CA

How did you become interested in radio? Older brother helped me build a crystal set when I was 10yrs old …later with my paper route funds I bought a Heathkit AR3 rcvr …listening to Sputnik every morning before I did my paper route on my bike! I was hooked on RF or radio waves!

Favorite Band and Modes ? Last several years solar activity has been very good and conditions on 20m and above have been excellent! So we’ve been making use of 20m-10m …also some 6m openings when possible. CW is our favorite mode but SSB is always fun for something different. Plus sometimes PSK31 but for me it lacks the immediate connection that you get with SSB or CW …Kinda like email verses a phone call or texting.

Please explain about the goats? When did you first start taking them with you?

That’s a long story! But let’s just say about 10-yrs ago they came into my life and I started hiking them w/me and they began to carry some of my gear when we went overnight backpacking as seen here:

Goat OuttakesAnd because goats are such funny characters they’ve become the center of attention for many of my videos such as this one.

Describe some of your favorite Field Radio experiences (locations and/or QSOs)?

During a recent Summits on the Air (SOTA) adventure I was lucky enough to make contact with Klaus/DF2GN who was also operating from a SOTA Summit in Germany using his KX3! He was using an EFHW vertical antenna suspend high up in a tree and running just 5w! Nothing sweeter than making contact with another kindred spirit using modest antennas and minimal power!

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Member of any radio organizations or clubs?Involved in Summits on the Air (SOTA) and local ham club here in Monument …was involved in local SAR for 15yrs before the goats.

Where are some of the most memorable transmitting locations you have been?

Operating in extreme environments above tree-line has it’s challenges and creates lifelong memories …like the time I was operating SOTA on Almaghre 12.8k’ a fast moving T-storm suddenly appeared and we had to pack up and run for our lives literally! With sparks everywhere!! …Pikes Peak is one of our favorite spots..

Any Future Hobby Plans or Goals? As long as I’m able (recently turned 70!) continue hiking w/goats and  playing radio from as many summits as possible while sharing our experiences via YouTube..

Transceivers and Antennas: Home: KX3, K2, LD-5, ATS4, ATS3, MTR, plus many little home-brew QRP rigs + wire antennas.  Field: same as above.

Closing Comments: Hamming outdoors will improve your OP skills tremendously! Trust me being able to setup a station and make contacts from most anywhere in less than optimal conditions will make you a well seasoned OP! Not to mention it’ll improve your health even without having a gym membership!! It’s FUN radio sport! See you on the air …73, Steve/wG0ATs

Steve WG0AT operating portable
Steve has loads of videos on his You Tube channel -so be sure to check it out here –

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Eva Thiemann member of Field Radio

Callsign: HB9FPM, OK3QE

QTH: Bassersdorf, Switzerland, canton Zurich, located in the district of Buelach, locator JN47HK Podmokly, my second QTH, in my native country, Czech Republic, locator JN69UW. Podmokly is a village and municipality in Rokycany district in the Plzeň region of the Czech Republic.

When were you first licensed ?  12.5.2014. I have been in an intensive HAM course in OK (CzechEva Thiemann member of Field Radio Republic). It was 4 days. Before of course I learned all about the amateur radio. After was an exam and I passed successfully. We were in a nice camp in Hradec Králové. I’m expressing my heartful thanks to the friends ( teachers) Ivan OK1MOW, Vráťa OK1KT, Vojta OK1ZHV, Vašek OK1MWA, Václav OK1VD and my OM Andy HB9OE/OK8JOE for their help learning me the wonderful world of Amateur Radio.

How did you become interested in radio? My OM Andy is HAM ( HB9JOE)

Favorite Radio Activities and Locations ? SOTA (over 100 summits in 12 month), first experience in contesting

Future Hobby Plans or Goals ? My goal is learning CW, activating once a 4000 m high SOTA peak in HB9 and getting mountain goat as activator.

Member of any radio organizations or clubs ? I am member of USKA, CRC, HB9SOTA and treasurer of IARU R1 since 2014

Describe some of your favorite Field Radio experiences ? Only on SOTA in several countries as HB (Switzerland), F (France), DL (Germany), OE (Austria), OK (Czech Republic), OM (Slovak Republic), SP (Poland), LX (Luxembourg), PA (Netherlands), ON (Belgium)

Transceivers and Antennas: At home: IC-7700, ant 24m end fed On SOTA: KX3, linked dipole

Modes: SSB

Eva Thiemann operating portable in the snow

Thanks to Joe Armstrong K9ATG. He found me somewhere on the globe and wanted make this interview with me.

Note from Joe K9ATG: All of this, and only licensed since 2014! She can also be found at Thanks Eva for sharing your story!

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