Antenna winders

Home made wire/paracord/guy line winder. This project was born out of necessity. There’s nothing worse than opening your kit and pulling out the ridgeline for your hammock tarp to find it’s all tangled up with antenna wires and tarp guy lines. Been there, done that – usually at dusk when I’m tired already.

So, I set about seeing what was on the market for a way of keeping lines tidy, easily accessible and easily deployable. There wasn’t much but kite winders caught my eye. Right then, project time. First off, I drew a winder on CorelDraw and printed it out.

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Portable in Three and a Half Minutes!

Earlier today I saw this You Tube video shared in a VK amateur radio group that I felt would be useful for the Field Radio group members.

In the video, Greg, VK5ZGY, who is located in Mount Gambier in South Australia shows how it’s done.

He demonstrates the set up of his dipole and is on air making a QSO on 40 metres in just over 3 minutes. It just goes to show that it’s not rocket science :-)

So why wait?┬áDon’t delay…. get out in the great outdoors and enjoy some QRN free radio operating.